Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Sims 3: Perfect Genetics Challenge


"Once upon a time, the Mighty Player sent a Sim to live in the world where all its creations were living happily. But this very Sim had something special that no other Sims had, unique eyes that noone before had seen anything alike and a hair colour that astonished everyone who saw it. She was destined by her creator to give birth to a heir with the same special looks who would get the same task until the genes had prospered for 10 generations. But their creator wouldn't let them pass that easy, because those with the perfect genes would forever hate their own children."

Welcome to the Perfect Genetics challenge!

This is a challenge for The Sims 3, created by Gurra09 and Henkla. Easily described it has one main goal; you should create a sim with a unique hair and eye colour, and make it to the 10th generation without losing the genes. More detailed rules you may find below. No cheats are allowed when you play if you follow the rules to 100%, the exceptions are moveobjects, resetsim and building cheats if needed.

Create your Sim
Your first sim is the one who will start the challenge, and you are allowed to make him or her almost any way you want him or her to be, but there are a few rules:
- your Sim must be YA or Adult
- your Sim must have an extraordinary hair colour (i.e. white, purple, neon green)
- your Sim must have an extraordinary eye colour (i.e. red, pink, yellow)
- your Sim must have the Dislikes Children trait and four other traits which are chosen randomly by the game.

Tips: Make your sim truly unique even when it comes to other things than hair and eyes. Give him or her special clothing that follows some theme or that are just plain weird.

Give your Sim a house
When it comes to housing there are no rules, you are free to build anything you want to!

Tips: If you want your family to be a real clan, build a different house like a castle or an outdoor camping place! Or they could have just an ordinary family home. Keeping dead family members in a family graveyard on the lot can be very fun.

Partner, Children and Heirs
Your sim are free to marry any sim, and have as many children as possible. But there are some rules to follow:
- every time you have the opportunity to choose traits for your Sim you must click the Random button
- the heir, the child who is going to continue the family, MUST have both the unique hair and eye colours. This sim has one exception to the previous rule, in that that one of his or her traits must be Dislikes Children
- Sims may not adopt children
- you are not allowed to dye Sim's hairs or changing their eye colour to make them heirs, a heir must be born as a heir

The Clone Voucher lifetime reward is ONLY allowed if you can meet these criteria:
- if female: Your heir has become an Elder; if male: Your heir has reached 90 days of age 
- your sim is unable to buy or create a Young Again potion 

So; if your sim that is supposed to get a heir is an elderly female or a dying male, and he or she doesn't have the knowledge or 70 000 lifetime points to buy the Young Again potion, your sim may get a Clone Voucher. Otherwise not.

Tips: Get your heirs woohoo:ing as fast as possible, because you may never know how many children it will take until you have one with the perfect genes. One of my sims had 9 children, then she had to drink a Young Again potion, marry a new husband, and have 3 more children before she had a heir.

Goal of the Challenge
The Perfect Genetics challenge have one very easy goal:
- you win when you have given birth to a sim with the perfect genes in the 10th generation

Tips: Have fun while playing!

Additional rules with Pets EP 
Do your perfect sims want to have a perfect pet? Well then, why not?
- When creating your first sim in CAS, also create a pet of any kind you like, it could be a horse, a cat, or a dog.
- The pet should not be of any of the pre-designed breed but special, just like your sim. For example, if your sim has purple hair your pet shall have purple fur, if your sim has red eyes your pet shall have red eyes.
- Your pet shall also breed and get heirs just like your sims. There is no generational end for the pet part of the family, they should just keep on breeding heirs of the next pet generation until the sim part of the family has reached the 10th generation.


  1. This seems like THE challenge I've been looking for! It doesn't have hundreds of ridiculously strict rules, has no set aging speed, AND if you have triplets a lot, would probably be pretty easy! Can't wait to start!

  2. hi I am glad you like this challange, I don't like those with long list of rules too so look at the other challenges, some are short and easy :)
    Here is the list:

  3. Why do the sims specially have to have the 'Dislikes Children' trait?

    1. I guess it goes along with the story(main rule story) it's that every time (s)he gives birth and it doesn't have his/hers genetics, that the absolutely despise them, this is just a theory...

  4. MissyLivvy I guess to make it more difficult. You can ask if you want creator of this challenge on mod the sims page. Link is on the top of the page :)

  5. Well.. 11 kids and two ex-wives later.. I'm beginning to think this challenge is impossible.. :S

  6. I found this challenge a few days ago and just had the first perfect child xD Its so difficult. Kudos to the creator