Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Sims 3: Midnight Sun Challenge


Welcome to the Midnight Sun Challenge
First of all, this challenge is meant to played in a special world, Isle of the Midnight Sun, which is an isolated island and that's what this challenge is meant to be; you are going to be isolated. As a side note; to get the special awesome weather effects the island is going to have (in other words midnight sun!) I recommend to take out any mods that change the weather and sun schemes.

Here is a picture of the island, if you are interested in having a look:

This is where you download the world (I know it is named NonPets but at the moment the Pets version isn't finished. NonPets is fully compatible with Pets EP though, but there will spawn wild horses and all of that on the island which is not very realistic):

To play this challenge it is recommended that you have the World Adventures expansion, otherwise it is impossible to finish it without breaking the rules. :P

You begin by creating a new game in the Isle of Midnight Sun, and create a new sim who is young adult or adult. It's up to you what your sim is going to look like and all that, the only restrictions is when it comes to traits. Your first sim must have the Brave and Loner traits, since you must be brave and not very social to move from a normal life out to an isolated island in the middle of the ocean.  After your sim is done you move him or her to the isle's only lot, a 10x10 lot worth 13500 simoleons.

This sim is now the beginning of a family whose destiny is to survive on this little island for 5 generations, until the first child of 5th generation turns YA. Your sim is allowed to do whatever he or she wants to in order to earn money, including painting, writing, fishing etc. The only age span allowed is Normal, which with the new Generations patch is considered a life span between 80-100 days in this challenge.

Since there are no other sims in the neighbourhood your sim lives in total isolation. This challenge is created to let your sims live in total isolation, and therefore you are NOT allowed to speak to any mailman or paparazzis showing up on or nearby your lot. The restriction also means that you have to travel abroad to either France, China or Egypt to find a partner for your future children since you are not allowed to adopt. Beware though, that a sim is only allowed to go for a vacation three times in his or her lifetime, and only once per destination. This means that if your sim goes to China he or she is never allowed to go there again, but another family member is.

An important detail is that everyone born on the lot or married into family must live on the isle and is never allowed to leave it until death takes them elsewhere. The only exception to this is the limited number of vacations allowed, and if you have Generations you're allowed to send your children to boarding school. Also, during a sim's childhood you are never allowed to choose his or her traits, they must be randomized.

At last, no cheats are allowed except for when you need to reset a buggy sim or move something that's in the way with moveobjects. Of course it's up to you if you follow the rules or not for this challenge, but you are not allowed to use mods that changes game conditions for skills, moods etc. If you are unsure whether a mod should be allowed or not, you can always bring it up for discussion in the thread! 

If you feel for it you could share your stories anywhere if you want to because it's always fun reading about what's happening in other people's games and if you have any questions - ask them!  

Good luck on the Isle of Midnight Sun! :D


  1. what if we do not have the Isle of the Midnight Sun island

    1. Can't you download it from the link above?

    2. Not if it costs money.

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  3. im going to try this