Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Sims 3: A Battle for the Perfect Generations Challenge

~A Battle for the Perfect Generations~ A new type of Legacy

Generation 1: War and Peace 
Late Night is required 
-You HAVE to start out as a vampire 
-Master at least 3 skills 
-Get to the top of your career 
-Get married and have 5 kids (In that order) 
-Cure Vampirism 

Generation 2: Mistakes 
-Be unemployed until the day you die 
-Cheat on the one you truly love twice 
-Have 3 kids with all different fathers 
-Get married twice 
-Learn none of the skills 

Generation 3: Reckless 
Generations Required 
-Reach the reputation of prank master 
-Get to the top of the music career (Rock Branch) 
-Master Gutair skill 
-Have one child while engaged 
-Get Married 
-Have as many other kids as you like 

Generation 4: Caring 
Generations Required 
-Own a daycare 
-Get married 
-Have 6 kids 
-Reach the top of your career in the daycare center 
-Teach children ALL nessesary life skills (walk, talk, potty train, ect.) 

Generation 5: Popularity is Key 

-Have 20 best friends 
-Break up with at least 3 boyfriends/girlfriends 
-Get a job in the Politics career 
-Get married 
-Have only 1 child 
-Master Charisma skill 

Generation 6: Pyshcopathic 
Ambitions Required/ Generations Required 
-Get a job as a ghost hunter 
-Marry a ghost 
-Have at least 1 ghost baby (that is an actual ghost) 
-Master career 
-Quit Job 
-Master Chemistry skill 

Generation 7: Smarts are everything 
-Master the medical career 
-Marry boss or co-worker 
-Have 2 children 
-Master logic skill 

Generation 8: Secrets 
-Get a job in the law-enforcement career 
-Have a child with your boyfriend/girlfriend 
-Teach child the logic skill 
-Master logic skill 
-Reach the top of law-enforcement career (Secret Agent Branch) 

Generation 9: Your choice 
-Do what ever you want when ever you want!  

Generation 10: The end of a legacy 
Late Night Required 
-Do NOT get married 
-Do NOT have kids 
-Become a 5 star celeb 
-Reach the top of your career 

Sound fun? Well then get started! But first I need to tell you the rules
Do not use any mods other than poseplayer in this legacy! 
The only cheats you can use are the ones prior to this legacy (example: Like when the babysitter comes over and does nothing but watch tv or play video games leaving the little ones to starve) 
Start off in an empty 30x20 lot or an apartment 
All heirs/heiresses have to be blood related to those who were heir/heiress before them (So in other words NO ADOPTING!) 
Everything used in the legacy has to be made by you i.e Founder/ Foundress, Spouce, House(Houses) 

Hope you have a wonderful time creating your legacy and Good Luck! 

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