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The Sims 3: The four immortal sisters challenge

     The four immortal sisters challenge

The basic concept of this challenge is that you have four sisters, which I have represented here with the four elements(but you don't have to call them that), who require ambrosia to prolong their everlasting youth and who want to improve the town by bearing and raising as many children as possible.

You start by creating four sisters at the young adult lifestage with these traits(you can choose their appearance, name, and LTW to be anything you want):
Fire: flirty, great kisser, charismatic, friendly, dislikes children
Water: neat, natural cook, handy, family oriented, perfectionist
Air: bookworm, genius, clumsy, absent minded, loner
Earth: angler, green thumb, loves the outdoors, athletic, disciplined(if you have WA) OR vegetarian(if not).

Here are the roles of the sisters:
Fire: The only sister who is allowed to leave the lot freely. Her job is to search out men, develop relationships with them, and bear their children. She is not allowed to marry, nor are the men allowed to move in. She may bring one man home each night and may try for baby once every 24 hours. Additional woohoo(same and opposite sex) may take place as often as necessary. She also teaches music lessons when the children are older. Skills which she is allowed to develop and use are charisma, music and art.

Water: She is the caretaker of the young children and of the house. Cooking, cleaning and repair duties fall to her, as well as the care of young children. Her responsibilities for the children include teaching the three basic toddler skills, feeding, socializing and changing diapers of babies and toddlers, and playing with toddler toys. The only skill which she is allowed to develop and use is cooking.

Air: She is the keeper of knowledge. Once children become old enough to learn, she is responsible for teaching them. She reads toddler books to the very young children, and as they get older she helps them with homework and tutors them in various skills. She is allowed to learn photography, nectar-making, martial arts, cooking, handiness, charisma, gardening and logic from books only.

Earth: She is the gardener and athletics master. She is responsible for growing food to sell and eat, fishing for fertilizer or ingredients, as well as training children in athletics and martial arts. She is also the only sister(apart from the fire sister) who is allowed to leave the lot. She is allowed to visit the grocery store to purchase seeds, or what food she can't grow. Skills which she is allowed to develop and use are gardening, fishing, athletics and martial arts(if you have WA).

Then, move them to a 30x20 lot of your choice. If you can't find one that's exactly 30x20, just pick the smallest size available. Now, you want to divide the lot into four quarters. I used fencing, but it doesn't matter if there are solid boundaries or not, everything just has to be roughly in its own quarter. Each quarter belongs to one of the sisters, and while you may use build mode freely, it must only contain the following from buy mode:

1 fireplace
1 fire pit
1 double bed
1 bar
2 barstools
1 loveseat
1 stereo
1 sink
1 guitar
1 easel

1 refrigerator
1 dishwasher OR sink
1 stove
1 trashcan OR compactor
1 microwave
1 food processor
1 coffee maker
1 2-tile table
1+ counters
6 chairs
3 single beds
2 nice cribs
2 teddy bears
1 dollhouse
1 toddler logic toy
1 toddler music toy
2 toddler toilets
1 trash can
1 bookshelf(All toddler skill books)
4 toilets
4 bathtubs
4 sinks
1 toy oven
1 child's play table

1+ bookshelves(All general books, All skill books, All recipes, All fishing bait books)
1 2-tile table
4 chairs
2 comfy chairs
1 single bed

1 single bed
1 board breaker(if you have WA) OR 1 treadmill(if not)
2 training dummies(if you have WA) OR 1 weight machine(if not)

You may use motherlode or kaching as much as necessary while building your initial lot. You may also place as many lighting, or decoration(plants, clutter, or other objects that have no use other than looking nice and raising environment score) objects as you want. After you have obtained these items, all travel restrictions go into effect and you must get your on-hand cash down to 10k. That should be plenty of money, but you can supplement it during the course of the challenge by selling works of art that the fire sister or the children create, or fish/plants that the earth sister obtains.

Object of the challenge: 
To have as many children as possible while ensuring that they never fail a lifestage(I will say what the criteria for that are).

Scoring: 1 point per child who grows to young adult and moves out. 1 additional point if the fire sister paints a "portrait" of them(not a still life) as a young adult before they move out, and keeps it on display on the lot.
Ways to lose:
If you fail any life stage.
If any of the sisters or the children die.
If any of the sisters age up to Adult from Young Adult.
If any children are taken away by the social worker.
If the repo man comes.

Responsibilities at each life stage:

The fire sister may not leave the lot
The only responsibility is to keep her happy and comfortable.
Fail if: She leaves the lot or the baby is born with random 'bad' traits(ie, if she had a bad mood through the pregnancy).

Keep the baby fed, clean, and socially happy.
Fail if: You can't fail this, or if you have you've also violated another lose condition.

Toddlers must be taught all three basic skills from the water sister.
They also must max out the three levels on the two skill toys, which they can do with or without the water sister's help.
In addition, the air sister must read all toddler books to them(they can't read them to themselves).
Fail if: The toddler ages up without learning all three basic skills, the toddler ages up without maxing all skill objects(3 levels each on the logic and music toys, and all books read to them), or if the toddler ages up with less than 50% relationship with the water sister.

The child must attend school and do homework to work towards an A.
They must also skill up on the play table and toy oven, until they've maxed the skill levels.
They should do homework or tutor their skills with the air sister.
Skills to concentrate on at this life stage are logic and art.
They must also develop a relationship with the earth sister, though games or talking, even if there's nothing she can teach them yet.
Fail if: The child misses a day of school, the child ages up with less than an A in school, the child ages up with less than 50% relationship with the air sister, the water sister and the earth sister, the child ages up without maxing all levels on the play table(3 levels of handiness) and the toy oven(3 levels of cooking), or the child ages up with less than the following skills – logic 5, art 5.

By the end of the first week as a teen, they must have a BFF.
They must find a boyfriend/girlfriend of their choice, and go steady with them.
They also must continue to keep up with school and homework.
They begin music lessons with the fire sister. The single guitar may only be placed in her quadrant, and is not allowed to be moved. Just pretend that she is teaching the teen – you can have her “watch” them play to raise the relationship level.
They should also help the earth sister with her garden, and receive some athletic or martial arts training from her as well.
Fail if: The teen misses a day of school, the teen ages up with less than an A in school, the teen ages up with less than 90% relationship with their BFF or BF/GF, the teen ages up with less than 50% relationship with ANY sister, the teen ages up with less than the following skills – logic 5, art 5, music 5, cooking 3, handiness 3, gardening 3, martial arts 3(if you have WA) OR athletic 3(if not).

Additional rules:
No cheats.
You may not purchase additional items from buy mode.
You must use normal lifespan.
Nobody is allowed to get a job(full- or part-time)
You can pick the traits of the children, but no 2 children may have the same combination of traits. For example: child 1 is athletic, artistic, clumsy, handy and hot-headed. If child 2 is artistic, clumsy, handy and hot-headed, they can't pick athletic as their 5th trait.
You may not accept opportunities.

It's a bit of a complicated challenge idea, so let me know if you have any questions or if I've forgotten to explain something important. I hope somebody else out there finds it entertaining. 

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  1. Awesome sounding but complicated challenge... I'll give it a go!!!!!

    1. good luck. Let me know how is the challenge :)

  2. How do you stop the sisters from aging but not the children?

    1. you can ask creator of that challenge on MTS page

  3. I don't have ambrosia.... Is that ok?

  4. can you travel?