Thursday, 2 September 2010

Blackworth Castle

Thanks to really amazing simmer Kerby I got as a gift Castle Exterior Set :D 
It is just like making puzzles. Love it!!!

This castle belong to Blackworth's family for generations.It was built in year 1245. In that time Lord Ezekiel Blackworth held that castle. This place for hundreds years didn't changed much. It is surrounded by water that is full of fishes, also it have rich land with gardens. The Blackworths never gave the land away. They always protect it from aggressors. Blackworths still live there. Some may wonder how all the family members look the same. But they don't know that this lineage have very old and very hidden secret. They never age! 

Download the castle and breath with air of past history. 
Castle have 1 cc - grand piano from TSR and 1 cc pattern (it will be downloaded with the castle)
No other custom content.

back of the castle


Garden with vegetables and fruit trees

Entrance to the castle

Living room with reading place

Music corner of the living room. Grand piano is the only custom content in the castle (except 1 cc pattern). 
It is from TSR. It will download with the castle


From the kitchen are the stairs leading to big basement with nectar racks and food supply

Dinning room (sims not included)

For bored residents chess

Master bedroom

Bathroom (there are 4 in the castle)


Second bedroom. This rug is not black. I don't know why it is on this picture

Third bedroom with 2 single beds

On the second floor your sims can train martial arts. For the hundreds years Blackworths army was training their defending skills

View on all castle from the top 


View on the second floor

View on the first floor

I will soon upload my Victorian Blackworth family to the exchange. I hope you like my castle. Please leave recommend in the exchange and here feedback :D 
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