Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Sims 3: The Black Widow Challenge


1. Create a femaIe Young AduIt and give her the following 3 traits Charismatic, Flirty, Great Kisser and two traits of your choosing.

I recommend the Heartbreaker or Gold digger LTW but you don’t have to.

NOTE: She may NOT get a Full-time job so remember that when assigning LTW

2. Move her into a lot/house and get her settled. NO Money cheats allowed!!!

3. Meet a g and build your relationship until you can get married to him…..

4. Once married find a new romantic interest, move him in and get caught cheating

5. Kill off the Husband and marry the new guy, + Inscribe the tombstone with: {his name} “Died by Black Widow”

6. Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more.

7. Keep the Graves on your lot there are some hilarious Ghost responses!!!! Rules
  • NO cheats or mods that alter Sim behaviour
  • NO Money, Cheats! Try No Cheating in The Sims 3 Mod if you fingers type in the money cheats when you are not looking)
  • ONLY Building related cheats like moveObjects on is allowed.
  • you may use the resetSim  cheat if your Sim gets "stuck" in an interaction or somewhere around town
  • You can have as many love interests at the same time as you wish
  • Having Kids is your own choice, but you can score by having them
  • Breaking up existing relationships are not forbidden for an evil twist try stealing your best friend’s hubby
  • The Black Widow may not have a full time job, all money must be earned by the men she targets
  • She may get a Part time job until her first Marriage, but none thereafter.
  • She can earn money by selling collectables she finds.
Challenge is finished with The Black Widow dies.

For those who like scoring…….

*50 for every affair you successfully end in death.
*30 for every different color ghost that appears
*30 for each kid that has a different dad
*30 If caught che.ating
*50 for each part.ner that died after completing his LTW.
*50 if part.ner died after completing his LTW.
*100 point for achieving more than 15 graves.
*10 points per grave.

-40 for every part.ner that dies naturally.
-30 for every kid taken away by the Social worker.
-5 for fire, burglary, gnome stolen or slapped by neighbors for spying.
-50 If your Widow’s LTW was not reached by time of her demise
-20 for each wo.hoo rejected
-30 for each moving in rejected