Friday, 18 March 2011

EA & T- Mobile Promotion - free store items

EA & T- Mobile Promotion 



Most of us know already that Promotion. All those items are free and after choosing an item it will download to your Purchase History in the Store. So later you need to go there to download it to your game. 

You can claim 1 item for every 24 hours. 

Go to that page and log in there to your EA account with email and password 
 (because items will download later to your purchase history)

So choose the game you are interesting the most - here The Sims 3. Then choose item that you want and click on Claim Content

It will ask for the code, write that: GET CONNECTED
and that's it :)

Then go to your Purchase History, download to the launcher and then install your new items :)

I made pictures in game of all available free T-Mobile content for The Sims 3 game. 

Click on each picture to see bigger size :)

All free T-Mobile items
Having fun with new objects and clothes :)


Nice idea for a club with glass furnitures

T-shirt with guitar

Flutter Riffs

Show how much you love classic rock by wearing this comfy tee

T-shirt with cat: 


DJ Meowser is one of the hottest feline artists of the year 
and is now featured on this trendy tee. Man, that cat can spin! 

Dissolving Denim

They’re back! The acid washed jeans from the 80s, but in an updated skinny cut. Be sure to not eat a giant meal before putting on these tight trousers.

Sport t-shirt:

Sport Jersey

Your Sim has never looked sportier than while wearing this jersey. 
You know what might go great with this? Some sporty shoes 
Sport shoes

Sport shoes

Some shoes to add a little sport to your life! Take them anywhere, the court, the field, even underwater!                        

These shoes will never 
say die… of course that may be due to their inanimate nature

Top with guitarist 

Speaker Head

Imagine ripping on your guitar so loud your head explodes. 
That’s what happened to the guy on this shirt.
 Be afraid

Kool Kicks

   Show up to your favorite gig wearing these rockin’ shoes.            
   Guaranteed to not hurt your feet while tapping to the beat of the band



Show off those legs and hit the town in style with this gorgeous dress. The sparkle detail will ensure you get noticed at any party

Chilly Chair

Looks may be deceiving. This chair is actually more comfortable than it first appears. The padding is made from materials designed by NASA, so you know it has to be good stuff

Au Courant Stool

Great for your kitchen or home bar, these bar stools will add modern flair to any room. They may look a little cold and hard, but they are actually quite comfy

Au Courant Bar

The glass top on this bar is made from scientifically altered materials so you will never see rings, dings, scratches, crumbs or spills. It is virtually maintenance-free, unlike the person that owns it.

Leading Edge Light

Light up the lounge with the Leading Edge ceiling light.

Dock the DJ

Plug in your music player and rock out! This stereo is sleek enough to go with any d├ęcor

Contempo Coffee Table

With a glass top sturdy enough to endure the swankiest of parties, this table will be able to withstand your posh lifestyle. The multi-level shelving is cool enough to store all of your trendy knick knacks and magazines

Sim City Simmer Sports Standee

Encourage your favorite sports nut to live the dream with this standee. It’s almost like they’re really on their favorite sports team, except not!

Contempo End Table

Show off your inner snob by demanding guests use a coaster at all times.

Music Arsenal

Bring your favorite tunes wherever you go with The Music Arsenal. I mean really, who wants to be forced to listen to your grandma’s radio?

Commemorative Plaque

Tired of forgetting when your favorite player won the championships? Need a little reminder who won in ’82? Well, this plaque is for you! Full of obscure play off dates and championship bouts, no sports den is complete without one

Sports Fan Television

Never miss a game again with this fantastic television set. Complete with its own sports memorabilia and 24/7 sports monitor, this TV will always deliver to you a game, no matter how obscure it might be

Sim City Simmer Hoop Hamper

He shoots! He scores! It’s all over folks! The crowd’s going wild, the Sim City Simmers are going to the laundry finals! Encourage your Sims to make a basket every time with this handy laundry hamper

Trophy Basketball

Relive your Sims old glory days, pretend your best pals with a famous sports star, or impress your friends with stories about how this ball once belonged to an Incan emperor! With this trophy basketball, there’s no limit to what you can do!

Retro Record Player

Nothing beats the original sound of a record being played of your favorite old skool group

I think all items are great :) I like them all and using in my game
If you have any questions feel free to ask :) 

btw Dock the DJ and Retro Record Player are playing the music like normal stereo :) 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Stars Mansion with Club - 5 bds


Perfect modern mansion for celebrity sims and not only for them. 
It has 4 bedrooms + butler room. Laundry room, 3 bathrooms. Big patio with swimming pool, bar, kitchen corner and jacuzzi. It has also big basement where the best parties can be made. It has club style with music stage, nectar cellar with bottles of nectar, jacuzzi in green romantic room. Download my lot and check other surprises that I left there. Don't forget to recommend


Music stage 

lot of instruments for your sims to play

Mashine to make bubbles :)

Nectar cellar with nectars tasting

hidden jacuzzi

What your sims can do in the basement ;) Sims not included with the house

Kids playground

Master bedroom

Bathroom near kids rooms

Passage on the second floor

Nursery connected to the older child room

Child room

Laundry room

Dinning room

Living room

View on basement

View on ground floor
 View on second floor
 View from top on the house

Any feedback nice welcome!!! thank you :D