Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Sims 3: Castaway Challenge Rules


(if you have any questions about this challenge go to the Katiehaven3 blog) 

Castaway Challenge

You are lost at sea, after days of floating, you wash up a beach hungry and exhausted. Soon you realize that you are the only human on this disserted island.  You must find ways to survive such as growing your own food and building your own shelter.

First Off!!!
·         We have been using this island to play this challenge but you don’t have to, just as long as there are no rabbit holes communities or people in this world.  We did not  make this world/island but hats off to Shivar over at Fuzzy  Logic Dishwasher  for this awesome Island
The Island can be found here: 
Next…Making your Sim or Sims!
·         You are only allowed two Sims they must be YA/Adult.If you wish to have a pet in place of a "human" sim you may have one but only so long as they can fit the castaway theme,such as wild looking pets. these are the only sims you will be able to control. You may be allowed only one sim if you wish for a more challenging game.
·         Lifespan can be whatever setting you choose. (your Sims about to be aged to an elder, GO AHEAD set it to EPIC!!!)
·         Dress code: Bear in mind they are Castaways so they must look the part…that means NO CHANEL or designer close! J The Rest is up to you!
·         Traits: One Sim must have the Green Thumb trait
Other suggested traits
1.       Insane Trait- they talk to themselves which helps with their social needs!
2.       Loves the Outdoors Trait- They are always outside which gives them a boost in their mood!
3.       Eco Friendly Trait-They get a positive moodlet when gardening!
4.       Animal Friendly Trait- Talking with the animals helps with their social needs!

DON’T! You CAN NOT have any LIFETIME WISHES that are rabbit hole related (like doctor, or Chef) or People Related (like Super Popular or Surround by family-remember the point is to get off the island not Populate it!)
                           * Note: The Perfect Garden or Noah’s Ark is a good Life Time Wish to have!
Second…Life on the Island!
·         The world will spawn Mail Man, Paparazzi (LN), and Paper boys. There is no way to get rid of this “Glitch” so IGNORE them…they DO NOT exist, simply figment of your Sims imagination (Why the Insane trait is Suggested)
·         Lots/Shelter:
You may choose whatever size lot you want…We Don’t Discriminate! You want a big lot GET IT!
·         You may have children if you wish just keep in mind you may ONLY PLAY YOUR 2 ORIGINAL SIMS. You cannot control the children in any way and their traits must be Randomized. You cannot choose them!
 * Note: No Adoptions! Kids or animals! Unless they are stays! (pets not kids)
The Real Fun Begins!
·         Set your funds to 500.
 * Note: use the cheat…family funds(family name)500
·         Since you just washed up on the beach, CLEARLY you have no shelter! Build your shelter as money becomes available.
Note:  You can gain money by selling produce, rocks, small animals, insects or you can ALSO fish (good for fertilizer, food and MONEY)! After you gain enough simoleans you may get an easel and paint yourself some MONEY!
* DO NOT- you CAN NOT have anything electronic…so writing on the “computer” for money is out.
* HOWEVER! There is a wonderful mod that is a scribbling pad that has all the same interactions as writing on the computer and you can even keep it in your inventory. Think of it as keeping a journal and making money out of it! Thanks Bunches to Buzzler over at Mod the Sims for this FANTASTIC mod! It can be found here:
·         Since it is an island you must grow your own food you can do this by gathering seeds around the island or using the cheat (Testingcheatsenabled true…then type Buy Debug On) to make a starter garden. Lattice and Tomatoes only to start with since your starting at gardening level one. You are allowed to have 6 plants in your starter garden. That 3 tomatoes and 3 lattice.
Remember to turn testingcheatsenabled to FALSE after you have your starter garden.
* Note: Please no Gardening Mods as it kinda defeats the purpose!
·         As we have said before! You may not have electronics such as computers, radios, or TV
·         As for furniture: You must have the cheapest bed, bathtub, sink, ect. You may use a fire pit to cook veggies or recolor the cheapest stove to look kind of like a crate.  Just so long as it looks like it could have washed up on the beach or built by you.

                  * Note: If you have the Generations EP then you may use the sleeping bags instead      of beds. It will give you a Moodlet Boost (Snug as a Bug) as opposed to the Negative Moodlet (sore from sleeping on cheap bed)
                  * Another Note: For our challenge we used the castaway sets. They are only five dollars so you get the most out of your 500 simoleans! They also keep to the theme! Thank you to lHawk07 over at Mod the Sims. You can find it here:
To Win The Challenge!!!
·         You must earn 50,000 Simoleans and complete the CAS sims lifetime wish in order to be rescued from the island!
To Loose the Challenge!!!
·         You automatically lose when both of your original CAS Sims die.
·         Or you fail to earn 50,000  or fail to complete the sims Lifetime wish before their elder birthday or age to elder.
Few pictures from my game: 


  1. playing this challenge right now. I do enjoy it.Thank you for the post!!!

  2. you welcome R-Mac. Katiehaven3 made that challenge, all credits goes to her :))

  3. I'm playing too. Hope you don't mind that I changed the rules a bit for me.

    1. It is really good challenge :) Have fun with it Tara
      but you should give credit to KatieHaven for creating that challenge, not me. There is link to her blog on the top of the page.

  4. Im' french. This challenge is very great ! I would like make available this challenge for the Sims 3 french community, but I need the permission of the creator. I don't know in what way contact her/his.

    (Im' sorry for my approximate english).

    1. hi Florent sorry for late respond, I know creator of that challenge. Let me contact her and I will ask her to write a comment here.
      Anyway her blog link is added on the top of the post. You can leave a comment on her blog too.

    2. Bonjur Florent I am Katiehaven3 the creator of this chllenge. I have no problem with you translateing my chllenge in to french. All I ask is that you give me credit ^_^

  5. Bonjour Katie et Glitzyangel !

    Thank you very much ! It's very kind of you ! Of course, I give you crédit and I warn you when the
    translation will be found online (as soon as my Black Window Challenge will be finished). I love England !!!

    (And for the second time, sorry for my english. English "it's all greek" to me.)

  6. I just started this challenge. I'm going to be doing it as a story, but I have to get a few more days played so I have stuff to write about. Then obviously I have to actually start writing.

    Currently seems like it will be a fun challenge. Thanks for passing it on.

    1. Will do. ^_^

      My story is being written as I play, and has been started here if you ever wish to read it:

    2. nice blog, I read your story and can't wait to see more chapters :) keep it going. Let me know about second part please :)

  7. Do you know if there are any maps that work eve if you don't have island paradise and world adventures?

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