Monday, 31 May 2010

Custard tool by Delphy

 I found really good program to clean up sims3packs on modthesims

Custard tool by Delphy


It can check if sims3packs are broken, wrong downloaded, content some bad files inside. Corrupted files can mess your game, make it slow or unplayable. I love to download custom content to the sims 3 game and I can't imagine to not check every file that I am downloading with Custard or with Dashboard tool (to check mods also made by Delphy on mts). It is too big risk because many files are made wrong by creators also there is many bad files on exchange. The easiest way to avoid bad files is not to download custom content ;) but if you are an addict like me you need to learn how to protect your game from unwanted files.

First what you should do is to download this tool from modthesims:
(registration is required) follow the installation steps that Delphy wrote there.

You will need framework to use this program. For those who use mods probably they have framework already in the game.
Here you can download program also from modthesims and it will install framework automatically:

It is test version and Delphy is still working on it. If you have any problems and questions about it write comment under link to this program on modthesims.

With this program I am checking if custom content (sims3packs) that I am downloading from sim sites are broken.

You need to open this program. It look like this:

This you should see when you check any sims3pack file. This file is not broken.
You should be interested in 2 columns. Type and Sub-Type

This file is bad downloaded. You can try download again. You can see red line and in Type column is description: Corrupt (Bad download)

This file is corrupted. Type: Corrupt (TXTC) You can try to fix it with option FIX but this program is still in test version so I have notice sometimes fixing is not helping. Personally I am not putting corrupted items into the game.

You can also see name of the file and who made the file. This item is from BeeBabyRoom made by vitasims.
I advice you to remove any corrupted items from the game or if you didn't put it yet to not install it.

Now what to do if you downloaded something from exchange like sim or house and there are some items that you don't want to install into your game.
Lets see some sim from exchange. I have here example of sim with naked bottoms. If you don't want to see sims walking in your city naked the best way is to remove this content from sims3pack file. It's very common problem from exchange.

This is picture of the sim file. You can see thumbnail (pictures the same that you see on exchange) and under pictures are all custom content files that are included with this sim and naked bottoms or tops.

Here is another problem that you can get from exchange.

 It is very creepy doll. It was originally made by one creator from the sims resource. If you are having this doll (her 1 version) in your game (check in kids section in toys) she will attach to every your house, household, patterns, objects, clothes tattoos that you upload to exchange and other people will have it too and give to others. Just like virus.

For some people this doll will not make harm in game for others will do. I was this other example.
Here is the picture of the doll:

This doll is fine now on the sims resource, only first version was broken. But I have notice that this doll is attached to too many items on exchange. So check everything that you download to protect your game.

This how the doll look in installed content in launcher:

If you want sim or house without custom content or without some single item (like this naked bottom or doll) just untick on the right side everything that you don't want (1).

And then click File (2) and then "save".

I think that is everything what I can say about this tool. I hope you can find it useful.
Happy simming without broken and unwanted content :D



1. make backup of your game just in case if something will go wrong. For most of the people this doll is removed successfully without problems.

2. check if this doll is not in your houses as a toy or it's not in your kids inventory

3. go to install content in your launcher (not downloads) and look for the doll and uninstall it

4. check in DCBackups (my documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/DCBackup)
for this file
and delete it too.

5. check also your downloads because there was the place from where the doll was nstalled to the game (if it was originally downloaded from tsr or from the exchange with some file)

6. also go to your Export folder (my documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Exports) if you sent something recently to exchange. Because this doll is attaching to the files. It will be in your uploads too. Remove files or clean it with Custard tool. (untick the doll)

7. check all your creations that's are in your studio on exchange or on other pages that you sent something too. If they have the doll remove it

For more informations and help about Custard tool visit Crinrict Help Blog:

EDIT 10.10.2012



look for it on page 9 in Custard thread 

Read from page 8 comments because they can help you understand how this new version work. It is nearly all the same but it is showing if there are some "extra" files attached that shouldn't be there (they can be corrupted).
Previous Custard wasn't showing that.

For example look at this photo:

You can see that first line is red and marked as Corrupt. In Sub-Type you have message that: "This package contains another package inside it". It mean that some cc is hidden there and personally I wouldn't download this sim, pet, house etc. 

Another good thing is that new version of Custard is showing  for example corrupted clothes if they were made for the wrong age. Like adult clothes that could be worn by babies and toddlers and they were making them look like a monsters. 

The only thing that is not working good is that nearly all items downloaded from the exchange are marked now as corrupted including thumbnails. Even if item is clean without cc or attached unwanted items. 
For me it is one more reason to not use exchange (to download items, well it wasn't my favourite place since beginning). 
Custard still is working good when you want to check any other downloaded custom content - of course - not from the exchange. 


  1. thanx for puttin this up Sana, I know this will be a big help to people.


  2. Thank you. I had this doll in my files, heaven knows where it came from, but thanks to your tutorial it's gone now. You're an angel for posting this.

  3. you welcome Simbabe I am glad I could help.

  4. Thank you so much! They removed the thread from the forums and I couldn't figure out how to remove the freakin' doll.

  5. I know they are not happy about that program I guess ;) But this is the only way to check sims3pack files. I wish EA got some better solution for it. Check also my other thread only about doll:

    and you welcome. Glad I could help

  6. the doll didnt hurt my game untill recently but then my game totally went hay wire the worst was some of my sims had a baby and i couldnt see her anywhere and she had a big black triangel stickin out of her and it moved with her it was very very strange....and it made me sad cuz they were my favorite the time lqtm( laugh quietly to myself lol) :) im not 5-13 years old!!!

  7. I have the file of the doll but I can't find the doll at all in my game launcher, this is my 7th time looking for her and nothing. The doll doesn't hurt my game.

  8. To Anon In your launcher you need to look under installed content. Not downloads. That this the most common mistake. Did you check in DCBackups?
    If you have this corrupted doll in your game it need to be in install content or DCBackup or both. if you are converting sims3pack to mods it can be in your mods folder too. The same name like above.

  9. For some people it don't affect their games but it is spreading with files if you are sharing with other people. And you don't know maybe after next patch it will start making your problems. The best thing is to get rid of it

  10. I don't have the doll in game, I checked for her under kids/toys. I was checking installed content and no doll, I even got my brother to look for it. I just have the file name of the doll but no doll, is that strange?

  11. where do you have this file name?

    Some people don't have doll visible in game but it is in DCBackup or launcher. When they uploading items they see then that the doll is attached.

  12. It is in my DCBackup folder but I checked all my other folders using custard and nothing. I am still looking for her in the launcher. She doesn't appear in my game.

  13. I suggest you to check install content again. But it is possible that it was only in DCBackup. If you removed it from DCBackup make a test. Send something from the game like you want to send to the exchange. And this item will appear in your Export folder (my documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Exports), Then check this item with Custard tool. If there is a doll it mean that stil is in your game. Good luck

  14. I'm havin a prob with the Delphy Custard Tool: Every time I try to open the sims3pack cleaner, it says that sims3pack has stopped working. Please help!

  15. friendliellama is you game on while you want to open Custard? If yes you need to close it.
    Did you unpack it from the zip for example to the desktop and run from unpacked folder?

  16. Thanks, But uh, What about theese random alphabet charecters I got in mine? I got H L Y A O W D and also some other objects besides the doll, suck as Abigal patio set dinning table, Dinning table 04, and Mj Deluxe Window

  17. Such not suck,typo.

  18. Anon where it was this items? Did you download something and Custard showed this? Maybe it was a house with custom content?

  19. This was extremely helpful, Glitzyangel, and I appreciate very much your taking the time to make this tutorial. The more experienced testers at MTS didn't need a step-by-step instruction, but I sure did!!

  20. This instructions there are not that clear. I am glad my tutorial was helpful to you. :)

  21. ermm i have a mac and thiss does not work :/ do u now any thing tht i can use like tht, tht i can use for the mac ??

  22. I am sorry I don't know much about macs :( I wish I could help. I don't know any good program. Maybe you can try ask of ts3 forums?

  23. Glitzyangel, I was reading your post and someone mentioned those "Letters", and I didn't see a reply so just in case I've discovered where they are from so - Morgana14@TSR - Its the BCN Hollywood Club-she makes some amazing stuff and that seems to be the only one that has corrupt files so I hope this is helpful. I'd like to be able to return the favor cause your site has helped me tremedously, thank you so much!

  24. I didn't know about that letters. Thank you Angie :D

    I found realy amazing thread on the sims 3 forum about corrupted files. I hope it can be helpful:

    (naked clothes, deform toddlers/kids and other broken items)

  25. I did everything you said, but it said it couldn't save when i tried, help?

  26. Anonymous but tell me exactly what did you do?

  27. Thanks! This helped alot(:

  28. Alverina Angella29 August 2010 11:52

    Hi Sana, is it true that custom content made with TSR Workshop is not safe? that it will caused the sims 3 game playing to slow down/corrupt?

    I saw a comment on this in the sims 3 facebook. I saw lots of custom contents that used TSR Workshop tools that I really loved to have in my sims 3.

    Hope you can advise otherwise I will continue to avoid custom content made by TSR Workshop tools. any other advice?

    Sorry for writing so long. Thanks :)

  29. Hi Alverina
    Its not true. Depend from creator. If someone don't know how to use it, it can be not safe. This TSR Workshop is used by most of the cc creators. You need to find out which creator is good.
    And if you use Custard every time you will download something you can avoid broken/corrupted files.

    The other thing is every patch can break some files too. They will stop working and they can make your game slower. The best thing is not use too much cc so you will have control on them.

    So you can use items from TSR Workshop but choose it wisely
    I hope it can help. If you have any other questions ask :)


  30. Alverina Angella4 September 2010 12:56

    Hi again .. thanks for replying. I didnt get the chance to go online until now. I appreciate ur advice, do you have any recommendation on beautiful but reliable cc creators that you personally used?

    Happy Sims :)

  31. Hi Alverina you need to always check items that you are downloading no matter what creator. I was cc addict few months ago :P Now I am not trying to use it much - too big risk.

    What can I recommend you. Depend what you are looking for your sims: hair, clothes, objects etc
    On the left side in my blog are links to my favourite custom content sites. Have a look. But always check everything before you add to the game.
    If you want some specific links like only for the hair or clothes let me know I can find you more


  32. Alverina Angella7 September 2010 13:29

    Hi glitzyangel,

    Thanks again. I wanted to play Sim 3 today when suddenly the sims 3 patch auto-download, so after a few minutes (I fell asleep) it ended and when I tried to play the sims 3 suddenly there was an error message:

    Unable to start game
    Your The Sims 3 Base Game is incompatible with the current Sims 3 Expansion Pack. Please update your game via the game launcher.

    FYI, I only have Ambition expansion pack. When i tried to update the game it said 'you game is up to date'. no latest updates can be found. this is so upsetting, how should i deal with this? Hope to hear from you soon.

  33. Sorry to hear about your game problem. I heard about that issue today from other simmer. My friend had this problem after installing this patch. I will ask her in few hours (when she will be online) if she found solution how to fix it and let you know.

    take care

  34. here Alverina Angella this may help you**&p_topview=1

  35. Thank you Katie. Alverina check the link that Katie gave you. I hope it can help :)

  36. Alverina Angella13 September 2010 11:29

    Hi KatieRose & Glitzyangel,

    thanks for the tips. I only saw this today and had already reformatted my laptop and my sims was able to be installed and played. I'm so scared that it will happen again the future, so i disable the auto-update. I hope that I will have this problem again, I've lost my sims family and favourite customer content :(

  37. Hi Alverina
    aww so sorry to hear it :( I am always worry to update my game. And I never use auto-update too. They saying before installing every update to take out all custom content from the game. After installing patch you can put it back.
    I hope now your game will run fine. Good luck!

  38. Thank You. I noticed a few things on my download inventory that shouldn't have been there, wasn't sure how they got there. They seem to be items that have been revealed to cause Sims3 problems. I haven't downloaded anything that I can remember, from the exchange. Except--ya, now I remember, some very very nice hair. This other stuff looks kind of harsh, but I'll have to look at it again, you've shown me how to get rid of this stuff, but I haven't seen the hair mentioned anywhere, it's nice long flowing hair, with smooth soft transitions. Not all rough and ragged like some, so I'm wondering if all this other stuff was downloaded with the hair, or someother way. I think my settings have been manipulated also, the no custom content settings.

  39. You welcome DreamColor - custom content can be in 2 different kind of files. Sims3packs and packages. If files are sims3packs they will upload with the house or sim to the exchange and you can get it from there. But if the files are packages they will not be visible with that sim or house. Most of the hair made by creators are packages so you will not get it from exchange. You need to download them from pages like peggyzone, anubis, rosesims, modthesims etc. Exchange is not good place to get new stuff to your sims. There is lot of corrupted content.
    If you have any questions ask


  40. theres another famous corrput file like the bottom and the doll. Theres a white t-shirt with a purple lining that has a vampire girl face on the front of it. the sim itself is female and it spreads the naked bottoms as well as the shirt, it makes your game collapse, your children mutated and you cannot see your children when they are born. it is very frustrating! i do not know the name of the file so i cannot remove it! please help! i will hopefully upload a picture of it, thank you.

  41. there is a lot of corrupted items on the exchange. The doll was just specific. This vampire girl top is very well known too because the creator made the top for all ages. So of course it make babies look like monsters.When you download things from the exchange always check them with Custard tool.
    first what you need to do go to the installed content in your launcher (not downloads) and check file by file. You should see there naked clothes and the top. Remove it.
    Also check in the dcbackup folder for this file and remove it too:
    vampire shirt
    naked bottoms
    I hope it can help you

    Check also this very well known thread on the sims forum with corrupted files

    FROM aMIAH tHOMAM underage simmer who stated in 2009 who ones all sim 1 games sims 2 games and sims 3 games with all expansions and stuffpacks and i am a sims expert but i c ant seem to figure out this propblem i knew the only place i could go is here cuz ur da best

  43. thank you so much!
    i found i had both the vampire top and naked bottom back-up fileS!
    i've been looking for them for ages in installed content and cant seem to find them! is there another way to get them off the game with out uninstalling it!?!??

  44. Anonymous thank you for your message - but I am not the best :P Don't know all about game. The only thing I can think of right now (1 am) is reinstalling EA Download Manager. This both games are not related one is for sims 2 the other for sims 3. Probably the only connection is with EA DM. Uninstall it from your computer and then install the newest version from here:
    I hope it can help


  45. Cath if you can't see them in installed content the only way to remove it is to take it out from DCBackup. Just delete this 2 files. Your game should be fine after it :)

  46. I did it never worked it still comes up in sims 2 bodyshop but not in sims 3 any more thnx

  47. Amiah I am sorry but I don't understand your comment. What do you mean? Custard tool have nothing to do with sims 2.

  48. im the one whos anomounouse (cant spell) who had problems with sims 3 late night

  49. aa ok I see it now sorry. I really don't know how to help you. Maybe try to write thread on the sims 3 forum in technical discussion. Then give me here link to it and I will try to get attention of my other friends. Hopefully we can help you or some sim guru there will do it.
    Here is the link to forum to that section:

    good luck

  50. thanks for posting this, and for letting me know over at the forums tha a file of mine was corrupted :)

  51. you welcome vampiresimwannabe :D I am glad I could help

  52. I have a question i download stuff form the exchange and i look through to see in the pictures if there is anything but sometimes i dont catch them. i have the collection blondes full outfit the black two piece and i cant seem to find it in my launcher and i deleted it from dcbackup in dcbackup i have over 3000 packages is that good or bad? and also how do i remove it should i download custard is still safe?

    Thanks Hope you reply soon because im not playing till i get a response just because i hate the way the babies look >.< creepy anyways Thanks in advance!

  53. my advice exchange is the worse place to download so better not use it. Custard is good tool for checking sims3packs but sometimes unwanted files are attached to the sims3pack that Custard is not showing :( Delphy is working on new version. But better that old version then not having it.
    In dcbakup are all files from the store and custom content, if you will remove it they will still be in your game (dcbackup folder you need when you send sims or houses with cc so this files will be added to your upload) . You need to uninstall it from Installed Content in your launcher.
    So first go to Installed content and uninstall it from there. That what you should do, removing DCBackup will not fix anything.

  54. Thanks but i figured out why it was not showing i just had to much cc in the game so i had to delete alot of cc to make it show that was my problem i uninstalled it and deleted it form dcbackup and my pc thanks for the help anyway! so now iknow never to do the exchange >:] Tyy!!

  55. I have a question. I have searched and the doll is not in my installed content and the 0x038a68fe04da61a6aa65f939d77fbc37.package file is not on my computer.

    I don't have the doll in my games.. only my buy list. I thought I'd try clicking on her and deleting her from inside the game but when I click on her picture in buy mode the game crashes instantly.

  56. hi Tee Thompson. If you don't have it in installed content and you can't find that file in dcbackup maybe you have newer fixed version? it will have different name in dcbackup.

  57. You're tutoriala are great! Thanks so much! I deleted it from my DCbackup file but when i went back into my game it was still there...
    I delted a doll called swiss deco doll from my installed content in the launcher and i am just about to press play! Wish me luck that the stupid doll isnt there! haha :)
    Thanks again!

  58. thank you for the step by step instructions on how to use custard made it so much easier to understand :)

    1. you welcome, glad it was helpful for you :)

  59. Hi, i have about 2000 downloads(+) and im sure that i have alot of corrupted content. I download delphy's custard tool, but it wont let me select multiple sims3.pack! And click one by one on more than 2000 sims 3 pack is insane, so can we select multiple sims3pack, and if yes, how? Thank you very much :)

    1. Unfortunately with Custard tool you can check only one by one sims3packs. Sims3pack is like rar or zip file, it is packed file with packages inside it. That is why Custard will show you what is hidden in each sims3pack file. Like you have a house and this house has custom content in it. For example: downloaded house will come as one sims3pack file but when you open it with Custard it will show hidden inside it other files (custom content).
      I know it is hard job to check 2000 files but I think it is a must you will have to do to have a safe game. I had to do it one stage before I discovered Custard tool. Try to divide Downloads folder into parts and scan everyday 1 part. There is no other way

    2. Okay thank you anyway, i guess i have a couple of hours of work to fix my Sims 3 game :) But thanks for the reply :)

    3. maybe the best thing is to download everything again? Choose only those that you really like and really need. Having too much cc is not good too for your game. It will make it slower.
      Store items don't have to be check but the rest unfortunately one by one

  60. man does ANYONE know what similar program a mac user could use?
    this is such a problem for me.
    considering i love the sims 3. and I swear it seems like my game shuts down every few weeks.
    So far the easiest solution i have found is to download only a few things at a time. literally like 5 at most. and keep track of them and make sure they work in my game. before downloading anything else. that way i kind of isolate the problem. I also try to only download things that have been made very recently because Im afraid to download old items that are not compatible with my latest patch....

    custard sounds amazing. and I wish so much that i could use it. but honestly a windows computer is out the question. then I have major problems with everything BUT the sims 3. ;/
    Im tired of spending hours and hours trying to rid my game of bad corrupt files

  61. Thank you so much for this article on Custard! It's the first one I'm seen that ACTUALLY explains how to remove custom content that's included in a sims3pack! I suppose everyone figures people just know this stuff - but I sure didn't. Thanks again!

  62. These tips are very simple and useful. Thank you for sharing with us. Keep up the good works.

    EA Games Help