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The Sims 3: Doppelganger Challenge Rules


This is probably the only time Story Progression will come in handy. So turn it on.

The Doppelganger Challenge doesn't take long, it may only take a weekend.

1. Create a new save game and make a single young adult Sim in CAS. You can roll traits if you want.

2. Place a copy in the neighborhood. Don't play just yet.

3. Instead, place another copy of the same Sim on the other side of the neighborhood. Hence, the doppelganger part of the title.

4. Play the first copy for three Sim-days.

5. Go to 'Edit Town' and change the active household to the other copy. Story progression may have made some... additions to the family.

6. Play the copy for three Sim-days and then switch back to the other. The game will soon have your Sims in crazy situations only Story Progression could come up with.

No point system, because people tend to not use them. I may draft one later, though.

Building cheats allowed, but not money cheats.

Before you protest, you ARE allowed to boost and lock motives using 'testingcheatsenabled true'. This means you don't have to expend Simoleons on fridges, tubs or toilets, making housing affordable without money cheats.

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The Sims 3: Workaholic Doctor Challenge Rules

                                    Ambitions is required to play this challenge. 

In CAS create one Sim (male/female).
Move into town and join Medical track.

No custom content, unless from EA store
No cheating.
No eating Ambrosia.(Don't use any of the game's other ways to increase lifespan).
Set lifespan to normal
Reach the Top of Medical career.
Befriend all co-workers
Max. logic skill
Give vaccinations to at least 10 Sims
Marry and have a baby with a Sim whom you vaccinated
Make at least 10 house-calls
Keep a research score of good or above
Take experimental treatment
Give medical treatment at least twice during the challenge.
Decide gender of a baby for a Sim
Take all Medical related opportunities (exception:all traveling opportunities excluded).

+1 every Sim you vaccinate above 10.
+1 every House-call above 10
+500 everyday research score is "outstanding".
+100 everyday research score is "great".
+1 experimental treatment works.
-5 experimental fails
+50 give to a Sim, whom gladly takes it.
-10 give to a Sim and it fails.
+10 give to a Sim and it works.
-10 Sim doesn't accept experimental treatment
-1000 Marry Sim you hadn't vaccinated.
-1000 Didn't have a baby
-1 everyday it takes to complete the goals
+500 every opportunity taken with no benefit to your Sim.
-50 every logic point your Sim didn't finish.
+10 every skill point your Sim earn, other than logic.
+10 every recipe learned through a book.
+1000 if any of the logic skill challenges, were achieve.
+100 Sim took a traveling opportunity.

Challenge ends upon your giving up, the Sim dying, or completing the goals of the challenge.

Tip: Get the Professional Slacker Lifetime Reward, and the "Multi-Tasker" Lifetime Reward

The Sims 3: The "Klepto King" Challenge Rules


Main Goal
To see how much your house is worth by the time your Sim reaches the ripe of age of 90.

Setting up the Challenge
1. Create a Sim. They must be a Young Adult. They can be any gender. (Looks wise: They must wear all black for all of their outfits).
2. Their traits MUST include Kleptomaniac, Mooch, and Evil.
3. Their lifetime wish must be Master-Thief.
4. Purchase the house called "The Monotone". It must be UNFURNISHED. If you want to play inRiverview, please copy this house over.

5. You will see that your house is equipped with the essentials.
6. Buy the most expensive bed.

1.You are NOT allowed to buy ANYTHING from buy mode EVER.
2. Extending the house includes anything in Build Mode that CANNOT be stolen, e.g. driveways, swimming pools, windows, doors etc.
3. Money made can ONLY be spent on extending the house, hiring a maid, repairman, or babysitter.
4. Everything MUST be stolen from other people's houses
5. You are NOT allowed a burglar alarm (The Monotone house shouldn't have one anyway). If you get burgled, that's karma for you!
6.You are NOT allowed a job,(even a part-time job) EVER.
7. ALL money and food must be made through mooching off other Sims (no gardening or playing the guitar for tips).
8. You CANNOT steal or sell seeds. (If you want, you can steal other Sims vegetables by harvesting them).
9. You can sell these stolen goods. (You CANNOT however grow vegetables on your own lot.)
10. Seeing as Kleptomaniacs like shinny jewels, you can also make money through cutting gems.
11. In the case of metals + space rocks, you can only sell these. (You cannot smelt them).
12. Once you have stolen the most you can that day (3 items) you CANNOT steal from that same house again. However, you CAN return to mooch money or food off those Sims.
13. If you are concerned about running out of houses in the neighbourhood to steal from, make sure Story Progression is turned ON. You can steal from the same house if it has a new family in.
14. If your Sim wants a partner or child, they must have NO income WHATSOEVER, and they are NOT allowed to help swipe.
15. Sim Lifespan MUST be set to "Normal: 90 Sim days".
16. You can ONLY steal from the base-game houses. (This makes it fair for everyone, and stops people downloading really expensive houses just for the items).
17. You can NEVER return any stolen goods. If you are stuck with 3 ceiling lamps from the same house - tough! (That's the fun of the game!)
19. You must place your three stolen objects into your home as soon as you get back from stealing.

How To Steal
1. Go to a Sims house.
2. Ask to go inside.
3. Once sun has set, you will be able to click on the floor near an object and select "Swipe Something". It is RANDOM what object near where you selected your Sim swipes. (That adds to the fun of hoping to get a TV for your house, only to get yet ANOTHER dining chair!)
4. Once you have stolen 3 items, go back to your house. Your stolen items will be in the FAMILY INVENTORY, which is accessed through Buy Mode.

Tip: I would suggest getting to know the Sim who's house you target. This way you can mooch off them, and also ask to stay over. This way you can steal from them when they are asleep - if a Sim is in the same room as you, you cannot steal, so you could end up being asked to leave before you get a chance to swipe!)
Once the Challenge is complete look in the buy mode to get the worth of the house!

This is not challenge wrote by me. Here is original source:

This challenge is similar to other that I posted on my blog but bit different:

The Sims 3: Opposites Attracts Challenge Rules

 :) :) :)

Create 2 Young Adult Sims in CAS: 1 Male, 1 Female. They can look and wear whatever you like, but you can make them look very opposite from one another for authenticity….(i.e. One fat, one thin or one blond, one brunette, one well-dressed and groomed and the other snobbish and grungy - you get the idea)

Assign traits to each Sim that are Opposite (Incompatible with) to the other sim. This list will help you. (NOTE: Not all traits have opposites)

Trait Name , Incompatible With

Artistic , Can't Stand Art
Athletic , Couch Potato
Brave , Coward/Loser
Can't Stand Art , Artistic
Charismatic , Loser
Childish , Dislikes Children
Commitment Issues , Hopeless Romantic
Computer Whiz , Technophobe
Couch Potato , Athletic/Technophobe
Coward , Brave/Daredevil
Daredevil , Coward
Dislikes Children , Childish/Family-Oriented
Easily Impressed , Snob
Evil , Good
Excitable , Grumpy
Family-Oriented , Dislikes Children
Flirty , Unflirty
Friendly , Mean-Spirited
Good , Evil
Good Sense of Humor , No Sense of Humor
Grumpy , Excitable/Hot-Headed
Hates the Outdoors , Loves the Outdoors
Heavy Sleeper , Light Sleeper
Hopeless Romantic , Commitment Issues
Hot-Headed , Grumpy
Light Sleeper , Heavy Sleeper
Loner , Party Animal
Loser , Brave /Charismatic
Loves the Outdoors , Hates the Outdoors
Lucky , Unlucky
Mean Spirited , Friendly
Neat , Slob
No Sense of Humor , Good Sense of Humor
Party Animal ,Loner
Slob , Neat
Snob , Easily Impressed
Technophobe/Computer Whiz , Couch Potato
Unlucky , Lucky

See if you can make their LTW opposite as well (Like Top of Law enforcement VS Crime lord etc)
Move them into a house or lot of your choice (Largest lots will also add financial strain as a challenge)
They must live together (Do not set relationship to Spouse or Sibling) and build a life together.

Game play:

First things first…The restrictions!
1.No cheats or behaviour changing Mods allowed. (Except to reset a bugged sim and building cheats like move objects)
2.You may not ‘change your traits’ or have a ‘Midlife Crises’
3.You must accept and complete all Skill and Work opportunities offered to you. Special Opportunities are optional and up to you)
4.No Divorce / Separation / move out’s or Till death do you parts – If any of these happen (and you didn’t save) you will have to start over.
5.No kids may be removed by the social worker
6.No other Sims may move-into the household
7.No adoptions
8.Free will on High!

Your goals from here are simple…

As Young Adults
1.Get them in a workable relationship
2.Get them into a career that best suits their traits
3.Get engaged (Challenge to commitment issues, Hopeless Romantic pairing)
4.Make at least 1 good friend each (A different sim for each…if they also can’t stand each other BONUS)
5.Throw a wedding party to get married (Challenge to Party Animal , Loner paring)
6.Accept and complete all Skill and Work Challenges
7.Argue once a week to keep it spiced up……Make up with a whoohoo - **Optional

As Adults
1.Have at least 2 kids and raise them …well
2.Teach each Toddler to Walk, Talk and potty train them. **Optional if you don’t care about what traits they get
3.When you are asked to give kids traits assign opposite traits too **Optional – Must Teach toddlers to walk, talk and potty, Kids and Teens must have great grades at school to get option to choose
4.Get the Kids on The honor roll and then you may age them up.
5.Get the Teens on The honor roll, get them a Part time job and then you may age them up and move them out.
6.Get them to the Top of their career with the full skills required to do so (You can be promoted without it, but make sure you get the skills)
7.Argue once a week to keep it spiced up……Make up with a whoohoo - **Optional

As Elders
1.Make sure your LTW is fulfilled
2.Develop at least 1 Skill to achieve a Skill Challenge (like become a Gem Collector, or Amateur Ichthyologist etc - - See you skills journal)
3.Argue once a week to keep it spiced up……Make up with a whoohoo - **Optional
4.Die of old age.

Challenge ends when one sim dies.

Scoring ***

Optional (I don’t always like a scoring game, but for those who do…)

Skill opportunities completed. 10 Points
Work opportunities completed. 10 Points
Special Opportunities completed. 10 Points
When they become friends. 5 Points
When any sim gets a full time job. 10 Points
When any sim gets a part time job. 5 Points
When they get engaged. 10 Points
When they get married. 15 Points
For each friend they make 5 Points
If their friends don’t get along 5 Points BONUS
Have wedding party - each guest gives 5 Points
Have any great party 10 Points
Each Argument settled by whoohoo 2 Points each time
For each child born to the couple 10 Points
For each Toddler trained (all 3) 10 Points
For each child on Honor roll 10 points
For each Teen on Honor roll 10 points
When they reach Top of their career 50 points
When a LTW is fulfilled 50 Points
If top of career is NOT your LTW 100 Points BONUS
Skill Journal Challenge met 50 Points
Sim Dies of old age 10 Points

Have fun!!!
credit (source):

The Sims 3: 100 Baby Challenge

          Goal is to have 100 babies in a female Sims Lifespan.

1. Play the game how you normally would (if that means cheats then yes). However, you can’t use cheats to the point that you are doing nothing. You have to earn your money and you have to take care for your kids. You can play the game on whatever life span YOU want, but I play on epic. (Epic is highly suggested).

2. You have to teach toddler to at least talk and walk.

3. Earn your money by painting and guitar or even by writing books (jobs you would have a lot of vacation time.)

4. You can grow up your kids, you don’t have to wait for them to age automatically, birthday cakes are your best friends.
Note: To make the necessary room in the house for new babies (8 people allowed to live in the house at any one time of course), you have to age 'em quick, and Kick 'EM Out fast! Speed is a major factor.
Keep in mind, the Challenge is called the 100 "baby" challenge. You can birthday cake each child to the extreme (let the parents age normally, of course).

5. The kids have to go to school, education is good : )

6. You can have home or hospital births.

7. You can use lifetime rewards. (fertility)

8. Try to have different fathers. (unless it goes along with the story)

9. Teens can help you out with toddlers. (teaching them)

10. You can hire babysitters.


The Sims 3: Jack of Many Trades-A Sims 3 Challenge Rules

This challenge was created by my friend Jeremina. Here is her BLOG and the original page of the challenge 

Jack of Many Trades-A Sims 3 Challenge 

 "I have a new challenge that I would like to share. I call it Jack(or Jill) of Many Trades. Here are the goals and rules of the challenge. I will be playing the challenge as well. To start reading from the start, click here:
2 Main Goals:
1) Have as many children as you can! Populate that town baby!!!
2) Master as many careers as you can!
Main Rules:
1) No cheats. Yeah, I know…but it does make it a challenge.
2) Set your life span to EPIC.
3) Meager beginnings. I recommend a VERY large, empty lot…You’re going to need it!

Ready? Create a Sim. Your choice. Male/Female. Choose your own traits and Lifetime want.
So, here is a break down of the goals…
Babies and Such-
I recommend getting married. I am slightly old fashion in that way, plus it will make the rest of the challenge a bit easier.
Your spouse will stay at home to raise all those wonderful children while you are bringing home the bacon. Your spouse may be “self-employed” (if you have Ambitions), and can earn money for the house by painting, writing, gardening, inventing,etc. (if you don’t have Ambitions, your spouse can still earn money in these ways)
You can not have fertility treatment for either partner. If you have twins, or triples naturally, that’s ok. (If you don’t want to play for points, and are really up for a challenge, Fertility Treatment is ok.)
Since you are playing on epic, you can age your children as you see fit. I do recommend following this plan.. Infants- after 1 day. Toddler- after all skills have been taught. Children- after they earn honor roll. Teens- after they earn honor roll.  When your children reach Young Adults, you move ‘em out.
As far as your children’s traits, no rules. You can pick them, or randomize them. Your choice.
Work your way up to the top! Once you reach level 10 of your career - change jobs!
Attempt to reach the top of as many careers as you can!
And of course, max out as many skills as you can!
There is no rule as to using your lifetime points for job enhancing bonuses.
Do NOT change your personality when you change careers.
1 point for every child you have
10 points for every skill maxed (of course this will differ slighty depending on Expansion packs)
50 points for every career completed.
To end the challenge, you have 2 ending paths.
1) When you reach the level 10 of each career. A few of the careers have multiple branches: you may choose whether you want to attempt the other branches or not.
2) Your mother sim becomes an elder and can no longer have children.

Happy simming! I would love to see someone try this challenge with a multiple colored couple. Perhaps a Blue husband and a Pink wife, to see how the genetics play out. If you do try this challenge, I would love to know! Thanks! Any questions, feel free to ask! Also feed back on this challenge would be great!"

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The Sims 3: Steal Your Neighbours House...challenge rules

It is not challenge written by me. I found it on mod the sims forum and I think it's interesting and it can be lot of fun to play with it :D
(here is original THREAD)

Steal Your Neighbours House...

To start out:

Make as many sims as you would like in CAS. The challenge will move quicker if you make them all adults as your Sim can only steal 3 things a night. 

They may wear whatever you'd like, and they can have whatever traits you choose with the exception of one must be the kleptomaniac trait.

Next, when you are happy with your Sims, you may choose a house or a lot. 
It must not be furnished! 

You may build just the shell of your house, if you choose to build it. You may buy flooring, windows, doors and wallpaper (or paint) as you'd like. 

You may only have items per room as follows:

One Refridgerator
One Stove
One light
One sink

No furniture except a light

One bed per Sim
One light per bedroom

One tub/shower
One toilet
One light

When you are ready to set your thieves free, pick a house to target. I chose my neighbor because it was close but you can target whoever's house you'd like. Once you have chosen, you must only go to that house to steal. No jumping around the neighborhood!

To make your sim steal, it must be after 7pm. I made my Sims go over at 6 so they'd be there by 7. When you arrive and get invited inside, you must go where there are no sims, such as a room. Once there click anywhere on the floor and you should see a pie menu option to "Swipe Something..." You cannot control what your Sim takes. Young Adult Sims can take up to three items per night, while teens can only take two. Head home when you are done.

You can find what your Sims stole in the family inventory bin. (It's located in the buy mode, its a box icon on the lowest tab) Place as you like. Keep doing this until you have their whole house in yours!

Extra Rules:
You may not enter buy mode at any time (except to access your inventory).

You may enter build mode only to install windows, flooring, doors, walls, and to paint or wallpaper.

Your sim may work but you may not spend the money on furnishings.

 Your Sim must not return any stolen goods. Even if it shows up in their wants.  

You can consider the challenge passed when you have everything from your target house!


Here is my proposition for a klepto sims and the house that they can use and live in.

My studio is all checked with Custard tool so no corrupted files, no naked clothes, no evil doll)

Sandra Smith

Cayden Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith

House ready to play in Steal Your Neighbours House. It have all items that can be used to start the challenge (no custom content)

*Southpark Villa*