Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Sims 3: Workaholic Doctor Challenge Rules

                                    Ambitions is required to play this challenge. 

In CAS create one Sim (male/female).
Move into town and join Medical track.

No custom content, unless from EA store
No cheating.
No eating Ambrosia.(Don't use any of the game's other ways to increase lifespan).
Set lifespan to normal
Reach the Top of Medical career.
Befriend all co-workers
Max. logic skill
Give vaccinations to at least 10 Sims
Marry and have a baby with a Sim whom you vaccinated
Make at least 10 house-calls
Keep a research score of good or above
Take experimental treatment
Give medical treatment at least twice during the challenge.
Decide gender of a baby for a Sim
Take all Medical related opportunities (exception:all traveling opportunities excluded).

+1 every Sim you vaccinate above 10.
+1 every House-call above 10
+500 everyday research score is "outstanding".
+100 everyday research score is "great".
+1 experimental treatment works.
-5 experimental fails
+50 give to a Sim, whom gladly takes it.
-10 give to a Sim and it fails.
+10 give to a Sim and it works.
-10 Sim doesn't accept experimental treatment
-1000 Marry Sim you hadn't vaccinated.
-1000 Didn't have a baby
-1 everyday it takes to complete the goals
+500 every opportunity taken with no benefit to your Sim.
-50 every logic point your Sim didn't finish.
+10 every skill point your Sim earn, other than logic.
+10 every recipe learned through a book.
+1000 if any of the logic skill challenges, were achieve.
+100 Sim took a traveling opportunity.

Challenge ends upon your giving up, the Sim dying, or completing the goals of the challenge.

Tip: Get the Professional Slacker Lifetime Reward, and the "Multi-Tasker" Lifetime Reward


  1. Thanks for posting my challenge. I really do appreciate it because its one of my favorites, and one that I actually created from scratch/ myself. I'm very happy to see that a blogger other than me actually liked it enough to post it on their blog. However, the link has changed to:

    Thanks again :),
    Simalot aka lotlot80

  2. Thank you Simalot for letting me know. I changed the link. It is really great challenge. :))