Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Sims 3: 100 Baby Challenge

          Goal is to have 100 babies in a female Sims Lifespan.

1. Play the game how you normally would (if that means cheats then yes). However, you can’t use cheats to the point that you are doing nothing. You have to earn your money and you have to take care for your kids. You can play the game on whatever life span YOU want, but I play on epic. (Epic is highly suggested).

2. You have to teach toddler to at least talk and walk.

3. Earn your money by painting and guitar or even by writing books (jobs you would have a lot of vacation time.)

4. You can grow up your kids, you don’t have to wait for them to age automatically, birthday cakes are your best friends.
Note: To make the necessary room in the house for new babies (8 people allowed to live in the house at any one time of course), you have to age 'em quick, and Kick 'EM Out fast! Speed is a major factor.
Keep in mind, the Challenge is called the 100 "baby" challenge. You can birthday cake each child to the extreme (let the parents age normally, of course).

5. The kids have to go to school, education is good : )

6. You can have home or hospital births.

7. You can use lifetime rewards. (fertility)

8. Try to have different fathers. (unless it goes along with the story)

9. Teens can help you out with toddlers. (teaching them)

10. You can hire babysitters.


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  1. This isn't the real 100 baby challenge!!!! :-(