Friday, 19 November 2010

The Sims 3: Steal Your Neighbours House...challenge rules

It is not challenge written by me. I found it on mod the sims forum and I think it's interesting and it can be lot of fun to play with it :D
(here is original THREAD)

Steal Your Neighbours House...

To start out:

Make as many sims as you would like in CAS. The challenge will move quicker if you make them all adults as your Sim can only steal 3 things a night. 

They may wear whatever you'd like, and they can have whatever traits you choose with the exception of one must be the kleptomaniac trait.

Next, when you are happy with your Sims, you may choose a house or a lot. 
It must not be furnished! 

You may build just the shell of your house, if you choose to build it. You may buy flooring, windows, doors and wallpaper (or paint) as you'd like. 

You may only have items per room as follows:

One Refridgerator
One Stove
One light
One sink

No furniture except a light

One bed per Sim
One light per bedroom

One tub/shower
One toilet
One light

When you are ready to set your thieves free, pick a house to target. I chose my neighbor because it was close but you can target whoever's house you'd like. Once you have chosen, you must only go to that house to steal. No jumping around the neighborhood!

To make your sim steal, it must be after 7pm. I made my Sims go over at 6 so they'd be there by 7. When you arrive and get invited inside, you must go where there are no sims, such as a room. Once there click anywhere on the floor and you should see a pie menu option to "Swipe Something..." You cannot control what your Sim takes. Young Adult Sims can take up to three items per night, while teens can only take two. Head home when you are done.

You can find what your Sims stole in the family inventory bin. (It's located in the buy mode, its a box icon on the lowest tab) Place as you like. Keep doing this until you have their whole house in yours!

Extra Rules:
You may not enter buy mode at any time (except to access your inventory).

You may enter build mode only to install windows, flooring, doors, walls, and to paint or wallpaper.

Your sim may work but you may not spend the money on furnishings.

 Your Sim must not return any stolen goods. Even if it shows up in their wants.  

You can consider the challenge passed when you have everything from your target house!


Here is my proposition for a klepto sims and the house that they can use and live in.

My studio is all checked with Custard tool so no corrupted files, no naked clothes, no evil doll)

Sandra Smith

Cayden Smith

Mr & Mrs Smith

House ready to play in Steal Your Neighbours House. It have all items that can be used to start the challenge (no custom content)

*Southpark Villa*



  1. Sounds like fun :D I'm doing it :D

  2. I am doing it now too :D good luck Serena :D

  3. this is awesome Sana...I will try it!

  4. yay the more the merrier Alexis :D I built empty house and created 2 sims. Now I just need to choose the poor neighbour to robbed him ;)) It is sooo BAD! lol

  5. This sounds like a LOT of fun!! I can't wait to get started!! :D

  6. I am playing since yesterday. I think with 2 sims is better then with 1. First sim can distract somehow the neighbours while other will steal. I was also twice kicked out from the house because they saw me LOL.You need to be very careful ;) But I got some real goodies: tv, stereo, drums, guitar, lamp and sofa! So they don't have to eat on the toilet ;) And I got computer but I don't have any place to put it on :P It's a lot of fun :D

  7. Hahahaha I will try this

  8. Thank you for sharing this! I really think this sounds like a fun challenge and its on my ToDo list!

  9. I am glad you like it Rheassi :) Creator of that challenge had great idea :D I am still playing it :D I had some breaks but the mansion that I am stealing from is big :P

  10. I love this challenge.

    I'm playing with one Sim and my only issue is that at the house I am stealing from stuff is re-appearing. I still have what I stole but the game is replacing stuff. I plan on keeping on until I have at least one of everything that was in the house(except the beds - it won't let me steal them).

    Very fun! Thanks for the challenge!

  11. oh that something new Cassandra. When I played that challenge nothing was replacing. Maybe some patch or expansion pack made it? I will have to try that again.

    thanks for letting me know.

  12. If you choose a rich persons house, you'll get better stuff. BUT it will take longer. It might be easier to create a family of 5 siblings and start at the goth house.
    This challenge sounds a lot more easy/fun then others, and it was posted for my birthday. :)
    Are you allowed to use "testingcheatsenabled true" and advance the sims relationships with the chosen family so they wouldn't be out of place? :P

    I also want to do the bachelor/bachelorette challenge. Maybe I can do both on the same file. Hmmmmm....

  13. If you want to make your challange easier you can use testingcheatsenabled true. There is nothing in the rules that you can't use it. Just to lift up friendship bars. I think it's fine. I loved that challenge. :D

  14. Sounds cool I'll try it