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The Sims 3: Rainbow Legacy Rules


It was copied from original site and changed to the sims 3. From this website LINK

The Rules
1. Each generation must correspond to a specific colour on the colour wheel. We only used primary and secondary colours for this to keep it simple. The generation allocation is as follows:


2. You can choose how many generations you would like to attempt, there are 5 possibilities:
- 3 Generations (the primary colours: yellow, red & blue)
- 4 Generations (yellow, red, blue & green)
- 6 Generations (yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green)

- 8 Generations (the primary and secondary colours)
- 10 Generations (bonus black and white rounds for those who don’t want to let go yet)

3. You can choose any shade of a particular color, from dark to screaming bright to pastel. As long as the colour is identifiable, it’s A-okay with us.

4. The allocated colour must be obvious in each generation, but how you implement that is completely up to you. Anything goes, showing the colour through hair, make up, wardrobe, home d├ęcor, etc. So long as we can tell what colour generation you are on immediately, it’s all good. Mods may be used to change skin colour to use custom skins for different generations.

5. The family surname should be the word “rainbow” in your native language (or if English is your native language, you can use the mirrored version of “Wobniar”) Also allowed is anything synonymous with rainbows or a series of colours in your part of the world (something from a legend or story, maybe a word you made up as a kid, whatever floats your boat).For example, if you were to choose 'coat' (Joseph's coat), that'd be excepted.

6. Offspring for each generation should be named something that corresponds to the allocated colour for that generation. For example, for gen 3 (red), you could name your children Scarlet, Crimson, Heat, Strawberry, Blood-Count, etc. Have fun with it, feel free to go as crazy as you like.

7. We take no responsibility for any retina scarring that may occur due to overexposure to colour.

8. You can rearrange the rainbow we posted, it's just meant as a pointer, or a suggestion. If you really want, you can replace a few colours with your own for your legacy, or add some more to go beyond 10 generations.

Any suggestions, ectera welcome. 8D


If you want to have this challenge more interesting add few more rules:
The Main Idea
This Legacy challenge is made up of 8 generations counting the founder. The idea is to go through the colours of the rainbow, and match your family as close to their colour coded generation as possible. Custom content and custom townies is encouraged. The end of the Legacy is when the last person dies in the Violet generation.

Basic Rules

1. Your founder may be female or male, have any traits, LTW, and any career out of: Stylist, Science or Political.

2. They must be as multicoloured as you can make them. For every multicolour body part they have, you get 1 point. (Body part being eyes, skin, hair.)

3. Each child born in their colour generation must be named aptly. Example: Children born in the Red generation need to be named in relation the the colour red. (Garnet, Ruby, Heart, Cherry, Heat). Go as crazy as you like.

4. The order of the generations is suggested to be kept as:

If you really want to, feel free to change.

5. Each colour has a matched career path(s), that if you follow you will gain an additional 5 points. You get five points for a part-time at the top by time the sim grows into a Young Adult and five for topping a full time career before death. The paths are:

Red - Criminal, Mausoleum Gravedigger (as teen), Ghost hunter.
Orange - Business, Receptionist (as teen), Architectural Designer.
Yellow - Medical, Spa Specialist, Painting Skill-Career
Green - Military, Firefighter, Private Investigator.
Blue - Law Enforcment, Grocery Store Clerk,
Indigo - Culinary, Journalism, Bookstore Clerk.
Violet - Professional Sports, Education, Stylist.

7. You may make your own townies in an attempt to make children born with their generations colour, as children born matching their generations namesake will get an additional one point.

8. Each generation must have at least two children.

9. If your child(ren) LTW is completed, 10 points.

Other than that use normal legacy rules but add on these points:
Gain points for:
Founder with custom multicoloured parts: +1 per eyes. hair, skintone, make up, clothes. (5 points for founder possible)
Sim topping career: +5 points.
Sim topping part-time career as teen: +5 points.
Sim completing LTW: +10 points.
Child matching their generation namesake with bodyparts when born: +2 points
Following a career path to allocated generation: +5 points per career.
Sim having more than two children: +2 points per child.
Mastered a skill for heir: +7 points.

Lose points for:
Sim choosing different career to that allocated to generation: -1 point.
Sim dying on Legacy lot. Unless they are a controlable sim (I/E: portrait on the left), any sim dying on the lot: -2 points.
Each body part heir is not born with: -1 point per part.

Website from where I copied this challenge LINK


  1. Hi!
    I just have a question. How do you go from one generation (color) to the next?

    1. Ctrl shift c _ testingcheatsenabled true
      Then shift click.

    2. Ctrl shift c _ testingcheatsenabled true
      Then shift click.

  2. I have a question. Is there a set life span or do we choose?

  3. I'm going to try to do this but with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan(idk maybe a blinding green for this one), Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Gray, Brown, White. After that I'll move onto a different legacy(with same family.)