Monday, 26 July 2010

Mountain Shelter


My dream was always to live in the mountains. Have some house surrounded by mountains, maybe some creek with cold fresh water passing nearby. To live so close to the nature and don't have to worry about everyday city problems.
This house is not perfect from my dreams but it is good for a bigger family. Like I am planning to have. It is modern mountain shelter.
  • Ground floor: small bathroom + garage
  • First floor: living room, bathroom, kitchen with dinning place. Also door to the view terrace. 
  • Second floor: Second living room but the most relaxing in the house. Wood + stone and big fireplace :D Just like I imagine my living room in my mountain house. Also 3 bedrooms: double, single and nursery. One bathroom.

Big garden with hills and trees. Lot of green :D Place to sit and relax, paint some lovely painting, fire place to sit with family and bake some goodies. And well with fresh mountain water.

First Floor
Second Floor
Entrance to the house
Entry from kitchen to the terrace
 Table and chair on the terrace. With beautiful view on the garden and surroundings
 Living room

Living room
Master bedroom
Single bedroom
 with study corner

And garden:

I would love to have some feedback from you :) So feel free to write something and also recommend this house in my studio. Thank you for visiting my blog :D

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