Saturday, 17 July 2010

Forgotten Mansion

This is my first creepy house that I made. I called it:


You can imagine a mansion that it is hidden in some forest. With fog, ghost noises and other creepy things. Forgotten by all the people - come and check why ...

DOWNLOAD HERE (from exchange)
version without few CAP patterns (replaced with similar one from game) In bedrooms floors look bit different in that version. But similar colours

There is NO CUSTOM CONTENT (only 4 patterns) No doll attached - checked with Custard tool.

It have:
- 3 bedrooms
- 1 nursery
- 3 bathrooms
- living room
- library area
- study room
- kitchen + dinning area
- cementary with special ghost - for most of the people using ts3 site - known as Liam the nerd. The guy that you can see when something wrong is with the site ;)
- playground with the sand pit
- pond with extra fishes - death fish and breathing with fire under water - dragon fish from China. 

Special effects - you can see fog in the garden and small ghosts around - You can see and hear how creepy is that house ;) Enjoy!

Entrance to the house and holl:
Living room:
Study room:
Kitchen with dinning area:
1st violet bedroom:
 2nd green bedroom:
 3rd single bedroom:
 Corridor on the second floor:


  1. thank you Zeri!
    I worked hard to build it but it don't want to upload to the exchange. Don't know why. Maybe because I was building it with old patch and try to upload when I have new patch? But I will try in some time again :)

  2. Brilliant house! :) I like the way you've used different coloured lighting

  3. Thank you LIessa it was my first time that I played with colours of the lights :D

  4. Sana,I love ur haunted house :0)

  5. lol, Glitzyangel! Maybe this delay is actually doing me good. For once I now have tried out fog emitter, and that kerby414 who was very generous and gifted me the whole gothiuqe set about nearly 2 weeks ago. I am so amazed and thankful for his kindness. Now when I see this finally get uploaded to your studio. It is indeed screaming very loudly asking me to get it. :-D

    I love the green bedroom and single bedroom by looking at the photos you have posted on here. The kid room is lovely too. Of course everything else are also very nice like all your creations at studio :-)

  6. Thanks Istongo! To upload to the exchange I had to remove that fluffy carpets in the bedrooms - they were made by CAP tool. It is a pitty but everything else is there.

    Nickeisha I am realy happy you like my house! I can't wait to move some sims now there and make some story ;)