Sunday, 23 January 2011

My new lovely sims

Finally I could upload some sims :) I had huge problem with it for the past 2 weeks so I am very happy that I manage to do it 
All my sims are checked with Custard tool and safe to download :) no corrupted and naked files. 

Here is my Moon Fairy - Ariadna Noor
(Noor in arabic mean Light)
 She has newsea hair, formal dress from tsr, most of makeup from lemonleaf, all will come with sim.

Maisie Sugar 
custom content - newsea hair, lianasims dress, lipstick and eye lenses from lemonleaf all will come with sim.

Annabel Sugar
custom content: She has 1 cc hair and 2 outfits, all sims3pack and will download with that sim.

Mikael Sugar 
 He has only 1 cc top.

Helena Sugar - perfect mother

She was made for motherly contest :) I had to make adult sim mother of few kids. I made few pics too so I can share it with you too 

Custom content: Hair from newsea, makeup lemonleaf :) Dress is from TSR from tomislaw but need to be downloaded HERE


  1. Mikael looks like one of my relative. SO CUTE!

  2. Thank you Flowarin and OlenKesOlen :)) I am glad you like them :D