Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I won goody bag from EA

I am so happy and I want to tell you why ;) I won in the end of December one competition made by official the sims 3 page for UK fans on facebook. Here some more info if you want to read.

This what I got :D

The Sims 3 bag, 2GB plumbob memory stick with wallpapers and screen savers, plumbob headband, pen some badges and nice leash for keys or mobile :D There should be also 1000 simpoints which I didn't get. No one got as for my knowledge so I hope they will write to us back about it. :)

So my daughter - also a big fan of sims - stole badges, bag and of course plumbob headband lol But still I am happy with my memory stick and leash ;))) :P

I can call it a good day! :)))


  1. Congratulations (but steal back the headband) lol

  2. That is so awesome, grats :)

  3. lol @SR I will have to try it ;)))

    Thank you all :D