Sunday, 17 October 2010

Baylis Park - Home for the Homeless Challenge

Here is my lot that I didn't showed yet. It was featured few days ago on the sims 3 exchange.

Baylis Park - Home for the Homeless Challenge

This lot was made for the Homeless Challenge that I made. It had to have only bench from the furnitures and all the stuff from build mode. Rules for the challenge you can find in my blog HERE.
Its really cool challenge and not long. It took me 3 days to finish it :) It is perfect way to rest from your normal family that you are playing.  :)

You can download and recommend here: 

cc list: only high grass (swamp grass) from TSR checked with Custard tool so safe to download.

Few pics from my challenge ;) It was lot of fun as you can see

This is my homeless sim - Serena. Ex pirate that tried to start new life on the land in the city called
 Barnacle Bay.

It was allowed in the challenge to have only 1 bench to sleep on. I could have also pond so she could catch some fishes to eat.

My Serena was so poor but still repo man was coming to take this what my sim found in the bins. 

 And it was hard and humiliating job to do

Sleeping on the bench didn't gave enough sleep to be awake all day. 

The most amazing thing in her life was discovery of a house with a big garden. If the owners only knew what she was doing they would call police for sure. But it was so hard to survive as a homeless 

The second thing that changed her life was finding a secret hide out left by pirates. It was underground cemetery with lot of graves and ..... very comfortable bed!

Once she met her old pirate friends but she didn't want to come back to her previous criminal life. It was over and it was the time to move on and do something useful in her life.

 One day she was passing near the shop  and she saw on the window old used guitar that wasn't much expensive. She had some money saved from collecting gems, seeds, fishing and gardening so she didn't thought too long.

She knew a bit how to play it. She was doing it in the past on the ship

So now she could play for a tips in the local parks. And that was worth it.

Since she was finding seeds Serena could have her own garden. Her fruits and vegetables were very tasty so she start selling them in the grocery shop and soon she got her first requests from the local people.

They even taste good when baked on the fire pit

 One day she found some amazing stones. She sent them to cut and that finished her challenge: giant meteor, woohooium, Mummitomium and compendium. She reached 20.000 :D and that was the end of the challenge 

Here are the final points for my challenge: 
- 46 points from Lifetime Happiness points (for each 1000 was 1 point added) I had 46.940 points
- 12 points for having 4 friends (for each friend, love etc 3 points)
- 28 points for having 28 points of skills 
- 10 points for finishing 2 skills: gardening and guitar skills
total 96 points :D

If you decide to make that challenge you can post your points here too in comments :D 
thanks for visiting my blog. 


  1. I just noticed that most of the time she was stinking LOL

  2. Lifetime Rewards 53.769 - 53 points - 1 point for every 1000 LTR
    3 x friends - 9 - 3 point for every friend/lover etc.
    Skills - 37 - 1 point for every skill learnt
    2 x Maxed Skills Gardening and Fishing - 10 - 5 points for each skill maxed
    Total - 109
    Time to complete challenge 7 sims wks and 5 days

    I had such a great time with this challenge. You can read Faye's story here

  3. I didn't check how many weeks it took her. But she was 3 days before her birthday and she would become elder.
    Your story about homeless Faye is great!!! :D I love to read it and I am waiting for the next chapter :D

  4. and congrats with your challenge :D you beat me LOL :D

  5. My final points:
    77 points from Lifetime Happiness points (1/1000) [77.347 LT points]
    132 points from 44 friends (3/friends)
    43 points from 43 skillpoints
    10 points from finished gardening and charisma skills
    at all: 262
    she lived as homeless for 7 weeks and 3 days
    now she has 20184 simoleon, and plutonium worth 22856

    Thank you for sharing this challenge with us! It was really much fun!

  6. wow Flowarin! How did you made 44 friends in 7 sim weeks! just wow!
    congrats!!! :D

  7. thank you, but after reaching charism 1, you can easy get with 25 sims to be known, than you should have 20 friends, and you will never lose any of them :)

    here are my pictures :) I think some are funny :) and she found on the last they a plutonium too :D so she was superlucky :D

  8. I never make my sim to learn lot of charisma :P I think I should change it. Thanks
    And the pictures are awesome :) I love your sim and her hair too ;)

  9. I didn't like her, but now she's one of my favourites :) that was my very first challenge, but I loved it so much :) I hope more peope will try it :) thank you again :D

  10. It was my first challenge too. :D Maybe I will do it again with Late Night to explore new town :D It is the best way to know town ;)
    In my blog there are the most interesting challenges that I found and I want to do it one day. But I am still looking for more :) If you know some nice challenge link me with it please :) thank you