Monday, 31 May 2010


Hi this is my first blog and first post on this blog :D
I was looking for the place where I can write something about my sims, creations, stories...


  1. Hi Glitzyangel! Id like to ask a few questions if you dont mind, one how did you do that (animated girl) that pops up and says "hello welcome to my blog, be a follower if you like, do leave a comment and thank you ;)" i like it and would like something similar. and second do you have facebook? if so could you add me please, thank you, would be glad to hear back from you.

  2. hi there Just click on that animated girl on the left and it should take you to the website that have other characters. And I have my glitzyangel facebook profile (I think it is with glityzangel sim as name)but I am not using too often. You can add me there if you want :))

  3. you need to cleck on GRAB ME under the girl and it will redirect you to other website. And then on the left choose widget :)