Thursday, 3 June 2010

Crescent - arabic house

 mood for this time of the month is arabic so I present you beautiful house named
Crescent for me is a symbol of arabic world. I hope you will like it. It will soon appear in my studio on sim page but is at this moment broken and EA try to fix it.

DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

This house have big garden with lovely greenhouse, swimming pool and playground, water tank and basement with food supply

Interior is also made in arabic style. Arabic patterns, windows, doors, furnitures and decorations

Living room with big sofas for lot of guests or big family like in real arabic houses.

big kitchen with dinning table and arabic fountain

bedrooms: master bedroom, single bedroom and nursery:

basement with food supply

What you will need to have to see my arabic house in your game like it is on pictures?
The Sims 3 World Adventures, High End Loft and some store items. if you will not have some store items game will replace with others :)

Custom content - all items, decorations furnitures are sims3packs so you should see it in your game like it's on pictures :) I checked every cc with custard tool so they are save to download.

But if you want to have them seperately some of them you can find here:
- persian rugs are from the sims resource - download
- living room arabic sofa, the sims resource - download
- other arabic decorations and accessories, windows, columns - download
- some food plates in living room from vitasims - download

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