Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Stars Mansion with Club - 5 bds


Perfect modern mansion for celebrity sims and not only for them. 
It has 4 bedrooms + butler room. Laundry room, 3 bathrooms. Big patio with swimming pool, bar, kitchen corner and jacuzzi. It has also big basement where the best parties can be made. It has club style with music stage, nectar cellar with bottles of nectar, jacuzzi in green romantic room. Download my lot and check other surprises that I left there. Don't forget to recommend


Music stage 

lot of instruments for your sims to play

Mashine to make bubbles :)

Nectar cellar with nectars tasting

hidden jacuzzi

What your sims can do in the basement ;) Sims not included with the house

Kids playground

Master bedroom

Bathroom near kids rooms

Passage on the second floor

Nursery connected to the older child room

Child room

Laundry room

Dinning room

Living room

View on basement

View on ground floor
 View on second floor
 View from top on the house

Any feedback nice welcome!!! thank you :D


  1. This mansion is epic. You must have put lots of consideration and thoughts when building this. Brilliant Glitzyangel. Rec'd but my launcher isn't up to date, so maybe one day in future my sims can check this mansion themselves :) None of my sims are mega rich though, this looks like an expensive mansion to own :-)

  2. thank you Istongo :D I am trying it with my sims :)) its my favourite mansion so far :) Have fun with it when your sims will earn more money ;)

  3. Hello Istongo i will go with your comment . I wanted to say these words what you said. I would say one thing for this blog its having attractive look.