Monday, 28 February 2011

The New Beginning - 3 bds house

The New Beginning

Lovely family house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, big garden with playground, ponds with fishes, small play house for the kids to play in :) Also nice basement with nectar cellar and nectar making machines, martial art dummies, gym and special collection of crystal skulls (made by my sims)


Basement with nectar cellar and nectar making machines, martial arts dummies and collection of the crystal skulls

Ground floor with kitchen, bathroom, living room and nursery 

Second Floor: 2 bathrooms, green living room and bathroom


View on small house for the kids and sitting area

Pond with mermaid fountain 

Front of the house 

Playground for the kids 

Master bedroom

Green living room

Second bedroom

Kitchen with dinning area with lovely view from the big windows 



Living Room

Small house for kids :)

Inside of the house

I hope you will like it :) 


  1. Lovely house! I especially like the colour scheme in the kitchen and the little house for kids is so cute! :)

  2. Well done! Your outdoor living space is just excellent! and I love the color schemes you chose.

  3. thank you for the nice comments :) I am glad you like my house

  4. Beautiful house Sana, looks like kids can invite many friends play catch at this garden with them or farm lots of fruits. The basement looks great too, huge area to store things and practicing skills. The pond is just amazing! I am wondering if the slide at playground is a decoration or sims can really play it? Hope you are having a lovely day Sana

  5. thanks Istongo :D its a good house for a family with kids :) they can do many things there :D
    And slide is from a base game ;) they can slide on it. Have a lovely day too :)

  6. I had no idea we had slide in base game without checking your blog here. I learnt this thanks to you Sana :D You have used lots of interesting patterns for the bedroom and needless to say - great pond! I hope you are having fun and happy, Sana

  7. I am glad I could "bring something new" to your game :) and thank you for complements Istongo