Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Vampires... vampires...

Ezekiel Blackworth - a vampire. Traveling with
his 'sister' for centuries. Now he feels that with time he need to change his life. He is tired. He want to remember how it was to be a normal human. Everyday inner fight is what he must do.
He have evil trait and also he have special diet (vegetarian) so you need to pay attention to what he is eating. Also he is brave and a great kisser.

Hair are from garden of shadows
He have also fangs to make him look like real vampire from clubcrimsyn (in accessories)
Eye lenses will upload with a sim same with cc clothes. (sorry forgot the site where I dl them)

I am so excited about vampires that will appear in Late Night (new expansion pack) that is why I had to make my own :P 
 No corrupted, naked cc items (checked with Custard tool).

Elizabeth Blackworth she is very beautiful and old vampire. She  don't remember her age even. She is tired to fight with her 'food' all the time. She wants to have some changes in her life but sometimes it's not that simple. She is arogant, evil, daredevil and vegetarian (she need special diet) She needs to hide her secret very well from other people. 

Custom content are checked with Custard tool so sim is save to download. 
This things need to be downloaded:
- She have vampire fangs from clubcrimsyn (look in accessories),
- Everyday hair from the EA store also clothes
- Formal outfit hair from peggyzone but you can get it free from here
- Dread hair from savio.  

Tights are from lilisims and they will come with sim.  
She have also cc makup to make her skin on face lighter and eye lenses. I am sorry I don't remember the page but this cc is sims3pack and it will come with sim too.

Sophie Faye is hopeless romantic who fell in love with a vampire ;)  (its not Bella Swan :P) Cute girl that maybe is in a wrong place and a wrong time with a wrong people. She is helping one vampire to fight with his hunger. Yes she have bite marks. It is not easy task for her;)
She is fighting with this strong feeling but love is more powerful then common sense! 
CC content:
Hair will come with the sim. They are from newsea.
Clothes: everyday top is sims3pack so it will come with sim (I am sorry I don't remember the site from where I took it)
Glasses are from lilisims also will come with sim
Vampire bite marks are from ladyfrontbum. It need to be downloaded
Sim is checked with Custard tool so save to download.



Ezekiel: 'how can I forget about you? You are in my mind day and night!!!
You are like my air without it I can't live!!! I am not good'

'You are smelling so lovely, your blood is tempting me.
Sophie oh Sophie what should I do??'

                      'let me check if I can fight with my hunger! You need to help me Sophie.
Without you I am nobody. There is no better place then here, near you'

'Just this once it will not hurt. I promise'

'Your love is everything what I need and I apprecaite it'

'I am so sorry Sophie'

Sophie: 'you had do do it. I understand. I will help you.
Trust me like I trust you. We can find other way, we can do it together'

Later that evening. Ezekiel with his sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: 'You did it again!!! Decide which side are you. We had a deal. No more bitting, not more killing. You can ruin everything on what we worked so hard here in this city. I am fed up of moving from place to place!!!'

Ezekiel: 'It is so hard, I didn't expect that big pain. I feel her taste still in my mouth!!!'

Elizabeth: 'Fight with it Ezekiel!!!'

Elizabeth: 'Oh yeah, that's better! 

Elizabeth: 'And now time to go for us hunt something to eat. 
You made me so hungry'


(the rest of the story make in your game after you download my sims) 



  1. really like it Sana.. u should def make a story/legacy out of this :0)

  2. I just made a story. Thank you for an idea :D

  3. Great!!!! Love it!! Rec'd and added to my Favs!!

  4. Great sims with a theme! Awesome job for created these, Glitzyangel :)

  5. Thanks Istongo! I made them my family :D So I hope they will have lovely kids and few generations ;)